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A Special Doggone Good Idea

It hasn't been long since we bought the new house.  We started moving in back in September, but even before we closed, there was one wall (well, not really "one") that I just knew I wanted something special to be placed there.  Just a small wall, nothing particularly special, between the two sets of french… Continue reading A Special Doggone Good Idea

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Ramming Decor Styles Together…Should You?

While I love a shabby chic, farmhouse style decor, there are some pieces that catch my eye that have nothing to do with either style.  They aren't weathered or rusty.  There are no worn wood edges or chippy paint (which I absolutely swoon for).  They are not particularly old and would stick out like a… Continue reading Ramming Decor Styles Together…Should You?

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Spare Parts and a Vision

Sometimes picking up "spare parts", as I like to call them, can eventually turn into great DIY decor for your home.  These were the parts I had on hand and after some hard thinking the vision came to me.    After a trip to the local hardware store to pickup some wood to lay on… Continue reading Spare Parts and a Vision

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Our Darlings is Darling Indeed

Coming across the Our Darlings story book was a stroke of luck.  In the bottom of a bin of romance novels, complete with Fabio on the covers, it was left lost and forgotten until I showed up.  I'm sure in 1889, this precious book made someone very happy for Christmas...just look at the inscription!  The images… Continue reading Our Darlings is Darling Indeed

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Ugly Duckling to Beautiful…Pheasant

Sometimes pieces that go overlooked at flea markets and thrift stores can turn into a great addition to your space with just a little work. Take our little pheasant.  He was sitting all alone for $2 at a vintage market and I walked by him a couple of times before I finally decided to rescue… Continue reading Ugly Duckling to Beautiful…Pheasant

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An Old Favorite & an Introduction

Hello, I'm Nichole and welcome to Southern Twine.  With an eye for savvy shopping and a creative sense of what can become of an every day object, follow the blog to see what we come up with next.  We are glad you are here!  An old favorite booked wrapped in one of my favorite things...twine...can… Continue reading An Old Favorite & an Introduction